Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ode to My Boys

Ode to My Boys
Stinky and sweaty and sticky and sweet
Dirty fingernails, grubby feet
Three little guys consume all my day
"Mommy, I'm hungry. Mom, can we play?"
A trail of tractors and blocks in their wake
And train tracks and dump trucks and Legos and cake
Yes, cake.
For wherever my boys are, I'm sure to find food
And wrappers and crumbs, and things left half-chewed
For they're growing, I tell you, too fast for my liking
Their shoes are a'shrinking, their pant legs are hiking
They eat and they grow and they then eat some more
I'm known by first name at our grocery store
That store.
They wrestle, they tumble, they tug and they fight
Competitive critters, from morning 'til night
Kicking at balls and swinging foam swords
They grunt and they laugh and they growl and they roar
All the while watching to see that I see
Their young macho conquests performing for me
Just me.
'Cause they love their momma, they all tell me so
(I hope this is something they never outgrow)
They're learning their manners, their math and their chores
To stick up for each other, to follow the Lord
Courageous and true men their wives all will find
Someday far from now, but today they're just mine
All mine.

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  1. Love it! And I love all your entries. Thank you for sharing . . . a mother's life is like no other!