Thursday, September 26, 2013

Warriors in Training

My son,

You are strong.  You are mighty.  You are capable.

Your shoulders aren't ready to bear the weight of a family and its finances and its worries.  Not yet, anyway.  But you're learning.

Remember when you told me how hurt you were that your best friend didn't like you anymore?  That boy still won't talk to you and yet you pray for him every night.  You're learning faithfulness.

Remember when you used the last of your craft supplies to make a bracelet for me?  You're learning thoughtfulness.

Remember when you had to carry your books and lunch to school in a grocery bag because you forgot your backpack at school?  You remembered that backpack the next day.  And every day after.  You're learning responsibility.

Remember when you held open the door at the doctor's office for every. single. person?  You're learning respect.

Remember when you were coughing late in the night?  When I came in to check on you, you said, "Momma pray."  You're learning to rely on the Source of life.

Remember when you befriended the new boy in your class because you know what it's like to be the new kid?  You're learning kindness.

Remember how you  played with the toddler at church so her momma could have an adult conversation for a few minutes?  You're learning gentleness.

Remember when we were driving and you pointed out the stunning sunset and told me that "God must be an artist"?  You're learning to appreciate beauty.

And in these ways, and thousands more, you are teaching me each day of God's great love and grace and faithfulness.

When the world tries to crush your spirit, demolish your joy and make you doubt your worth,


You are strong.  You are mighty.  You are capable.
And you are loved.