Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Daddy's Words

He said, "You are my delight." I heard, "You are accepted."
He said, "You'll never get too big to sit on my lap." I heard, "You are adored."
He said, "Jesus is the way, the truth and the life." I heard, "You can trust Him."
He said, "You are beautiful because of who you are on the inside." I heard, "Your heart is lovely."
He said, "Help me stack the firewood." I heard, "You are strong."
He said, "You will be a good driver one day." I heard, "You are capable."
He said, "Call me when you get there." I heard, "You are precious to me."
He said, "Never settle for someone who mistreats you." I heard, "You are worthy."
He said, "I give you my blessing." I heard, "You are safe with him."
He said, "You're doing a good job with those boys." I heard his approval.
And once again, my heart sang at the words my daddy said.

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