Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Lessons from Our Boys

I'm constantly learning things from our boys. Here are a few tidbits I've picked up recently:

1. It's not OK to call your son "Punkin'" during a baseball game. Not OK at all.

2. Drinks taste better with a blue straw. Green straws are fine. Yellow and red are iffy. And pink (gasp) is terrible. No boy should be forced to drink anything through a pink straw. Ever. Yuck.

3. Even when I don't think they're paying attention...they are. When my husband kissed my hand while driving the car, I heard giggles in the backseat. And then a chorus of "Mommy and Daddy sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

4. I don't care if they giggle or gag. I want them to always see affection between their parents.

5. When you love someone, you show them. Our middle son FINALLY earned two prizes from the treasure box at school. And for one of his selections, he chose a lovely, plastic ring with a sparkly orange jewel for me. I think I'll keep it forever.

6. Slushies make everything better. Well they do, don't they?

7. When Daddy gets home, the tv is abandoned, the toys are tossed aside, Leapsters hit the floor, and homework is forgotten. They run out the door and into the arms of their father. They know they will find acceptance there. They know he will want to hear about their day. All they have to do is run to him. Wouldn't everyone love to be greeted like that?

8. Makes me want to greet that wonderful man with their kind of enthusiasm.

9. Do I run to Father God with that kind of enthusiasm? Hmmmmmm.

10. You will fight with your brother at home. You are probably going to argue, tussle and fuss. You may swipe his stuff. He may swipe yours. And you will likely tease, poke, chase and harass your brother mercilessly. And he will return the favor. But when you are in public, you make sure no one messes with your brother. No one. Because he is your brother. Period.

11. Boys are always hungry. Always hungry. ALWAYS.

12. And finally, when you dress up like a superhero, you ARE a superhero. You can leap higher, you can run faster, you can banish the bad guys forever. Especially if your brother is a superhero too.

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